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Writer and Poet


 His literary work


... I am the daughter and the mistress

of suffering and lying,

the mask of crime,

the faithful, slavish,

unscrupulous idiot,

the dumb and stupid puppet

of terror and deceit.

(from: "Soy Manuela", 2008)


As a writer and poet, Carlos Micháns reveals another aspect of his many sided creative skills, with a literary outup of ca. 20 volumes. Both his life in his native Argentina and his interest in Asian cultures (mainly through his travels to India) have influenced his style and choice of subjects. His works, whether in Spanish, English, Dutch or French, all share the same direct and accessible language.


Among his published works are: "Rogelio G." (stories), "The eyes of Meenakshi" (impressions of South India), "The Merchant of Poompoohar" (stories and legends of India), "Madurai, Madurai" (a novel), "Terminal Poems", "New Abysses (and other poems)" and "It rains Red in Argentina", a collection of autobiographical essays. His production also includes several other story- and poetry-albums, as well as an Introduction to the Miniature Thangkas of Mongolia.



Rogelio G. y otros relatos (stories, Spanish, 1998)

Poemas Terminales (poetry, Spanish-Dutch, 1998)

Nuevos Abismos (y otros poemas) (poetry, Spanish-Dutch, 2001)

El Mercader de Pumpuhar (cuentos y leyendas de la India) (stories, Spanish, 1999)

De Ogen van Meenakshi (impressies uit Zuid-India) (stories, Dutch, 1995)

Madurai, Madurai (novel, Dutch, 1999)

Het Regent Rood in Buenos Aires (essays, Dutch, 2003-05)

Nuevos Poemas (poetry, Spanish-Dutch, 2015)

Parabestiario (pequeñas historias de animals) (stories, Spanish, 2008-14))

Miniature Thangkas of Mongolia (a collector’s introduction) (art, English, 2006)

Del Opio de los Pueblos y otros escritos (essays, Spanish, 1984-2014)

A Traveler’s Sketchbook (1988-1996) (drawings, English, 1996)

Volver a Madurai (stories, Spanish, 2014)

Madurai Revisited (stories, English, 2014)

Desde la Oscuridad / Vanuit de Duisternis(poems, Spanish/Dutch, 2016)

Niet echt over Muziek (Brieven aan F.) (essays, Dutch, 2017)

Cahier de Voisey (poems, French, 2017)

Cahier de la Nuit (poems, French, 2017) 

Cahier du Néant (poems, French, 2018)

Cahier de Portraits (poems, French, 2018/19)

Au-delà des Racines (essay, French, 2021)

Les Enfants de l'Eau (essay, French, 2021)

Perdu et retrouvé : L'Art de Saul Lishinsky (essay, French, 2021)

Les Yeux de Meenakshi - impressions du sud de l'Inde (stories, French version, 2021)






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